Type-Face (wip)
Type-Face is an exploration into print and publishing through a post digital lens. Over saturation to technology has left the reader hungry to return to a more intimate reading experience. The purpose of this publication is to celebrate prints ability to produce a limited edition object through creating a physically tangible and unique reading experience.
 Taking inspiration from Eye magazine issue 94, this publication uses a face API to create a unique typeface for each reader. This typeface is used throughout the publication in attempt to fulfil the readers hunger to return to a more intimate reading experience.
 The content is a series of republished texts which all discuss the topic of print in a post digital world, and offer perspective into how print is managing to survive. In the centre is a small type specimen which shows the typeface at a larger scale, allowing the detail of the typeface to be compared across readers. The piece aims to communicate that the success of print today is in its ability to create a limited edition object, and connect with readers with a more personal reading experience. Below shows two variants of the typeface and publication, and a video to explain how the website will work.