Radiation Clock
W/ Simon Wilson
We speculated a world where we haven’t solved the energy crisis. We have returned to the increased use of nuclear energy, and now live in a world surrounded by varying levels of radiation. We have built a radiation clock. People no longer live their life in regards of time. Instead, they live their life as of when it is safe to leave the safety of their home.
    The central arm spins hanging metal discs, and when radiation levels increase, the surrounding pins extend, making contact with the rotating disc. Much like a clock, we wanted the object to be both visual, and audio based. The higher the level of radiation, the more pins there are extended. As the disc makes contact with more pins, the sounds of the contact gets closer together, alerting the user of an increase in radiation

    To develop the piece, Simon and I explored possible methods of powering the clock. Methods of power include solar power, wind power and hand power.
    We wanted to show the piece working whilst also offering more context around the world in which it exists. As our object is meant to be a household object, we researched Apple and Amazon adverts to gain a sense of the clean and minimalist style in which they sell their projects. We have created a short advert style video which explores how the piece works. Please listen with sound.