Mare Liberum
W/ Ella Kenyon
and Yasemin Botterill
The publication explores the use of the text as texture to visually represent the changing tide. As the tide comes in, colour increases throughout the publication, and the typography becomes increasingly illegible. Behind the type are photos taken of textures when the tide was at varying heights.
    The typography is distorted in various levels of water, further communicating the different levels of the tide. As the tide is constantly changing, constantly occurring, and has no starting point, our publication has no cover, and no end. It is loose bound, allowing the pages and order to be swapped and changed. It starts at high tide, moves to low tide, and ends on high tide again.  
 We shrink wrapped the outside where the entire of the essay has been screen printed. This is to allow the reader to understand the entire text whilst also allowing the essay to be removed from the publication so that the publication can be read without interruption, as the tide is ever existing with no interruption.