Football Fandom
W/ Yasemin Botterill
Football fandom has no gender. The project attempts to dismantle sexist descrimination and stigma surrounding female football fans. We contrsucted a typeface that uses thin vertical strokes and thicker horizontal strokes in proportion to the disparity between female and male fans. This reverse stress typeface has been applied to three banners which reveal sexist quotes heard at three London based football clubs: Chelsea FC, Fulham FC and Arsenal FC. With inspiration taken from Carol Hinisch who stated that ‘the personal is the political’, and the use of banners as a tool to protest, we created three football banners which highlight the existing issue. We also made a type specimen which allows three variants of the typeface to be viewed along side each other. The typeface changes in proportion to each clubs statistics of female and male fans; Chelsea FC: 12%, Fluham FC 23% and Arsenal FC: 31%. Photos of the banners at each respective club coming soon.