Club, Reclaimed
W/ Elliott Elder
We developed a visual identity based off of a given object: A4 paper. We built the identity around the material qualities and malleability of paper. We found that paper, when blasted with music, picks up the vibrations, acting as a visual documentation of the sound. We branded a club in Deptford, creating posters, leaflets and tickets using this idea and distorting type. As our given object was A4 paper, we wanted all printed content to maintain an A size.
    We wanted to apply the idea of flexibility and distortion across other platforms in order to extend the visual identity. We carefully selected objects which would naturally distort the typeface, such as tote bags, which  allow the logo to be distorted when used. We incorporated the use of a flag which is to be hung outside of the club at each event, allowing the logo to be distorted when blown. The flag is A0 in size, and allows the club to be seen from surrounding areas. We incorporated a digital identity such as a website, which uses tracks from DJ’s playing at the upcoming event to distort sound reactive typography. This allows the identity to be carried on across multi-media platforms.